23122017: #bali part three: kanto lampo waterfall

Hello from Bali ! 🙂 Tomorrow it’s Christmas, wow, can’t believe how the time passed by this year ! 😮 It feels weird to leave out Christmas completely this year, but definitely an experience to make ! Actually I won’t skip it… Location and way of celebrating it will just be (a little) different: Tonight … Mehr 23122017: #bali part three: kanto lampo waterfall

19122017: #swimwear-shopping in winter – mission impossible?

Hey everyone! 🙂 Who doesn’t know the struggle? Traveling at spring-time means bikini-shopping in winter… And all stores are out of cool swimwear. Time to make some online-orders… Actually even for me in Bali! „You will shop the greatest bikinis there“, they told me. „It’s gonna be full of cute swimwear-brands“ they promised. Yes thank … Mehr 19122017: #swimwear-shopping in winter – mission impossible?

03122017: #balibasics

Hey guys! Happy first advent to everyone! I exactly remember my blogpost from the first advent last year. And it absolutely shows the opposite. I was a wandering Christmas-tree last year. More decoration and Christmas-mood would have been impossible. Additionally mentioning the almost daily Christmas-market visits. 😀 This December though, I will spend in Bali, … Mehr 03122017: #balibasics

11062017: #calming down in arenal – mission impossible ?

¡ Buenos días ! „Alone on Mallorca? Seriously ? Why do you do that ?“ Better question: why not ? A very different (and very spontaneous) trip. Wie, du fährst alleine nach Mallorca ? Und überhaupt, wie  kann man denn alleine in den Urlaub fliegen ? Gegenfrage: Warum eigentlich nicht ? Ein Spontantrip der anderen … Mehr 11062017: #calming down in arenal – mission impossible ?