25102015: #oneweek7styles

Salve !
It’s time again for an update about my first week, better in pictures than in words, because it’s quite hard to describe. Well, first of all I got surprised on the first day of school because my course is not taught in English at all. Due to the fact that unexpected I’m the only international student in my course, they decided to make it in Italian, I now got something like a personal translator, hahah.
Actually it’s not funny at all but I have to keep up with the situation and so: “veni, vidi, vici” !
Anyway I want to learn Italian but that is a process which can’t be made in a few days and so I have to improvise.
My course is very nice and funny even if I don’t get the jokes most of the times, hahah !
However, here the outfits of the last adventurous seven days…
Ci vediamo, baciiii ;*
– Day 1: Destroyed Start into the new week, Jeans Topshop, Parka Zara –
 – Day 2: Black & White says it all,
Shirt & fringed Cardigan Pull&Bear, Statement necklace Stradivarius,
Basic leggings GinaTricot & Plateau Shoes H&M –


– Day 3: Urban chic, Skinny Jeans, Hat & Stripe-Shirt H&M, Shoes Primark,
cape & ring Fleamarket New York City, hahah –
– Day 4: I love fringed & black clothes, cardigan & leggings GinaTricot –


– Day 5: Bohooooooooo-time, Jacket Zara, new backpack Bershka, Jeans H&M –


– Day 6: Casual City Trip with Jeans Shorts H&M & Jacket Primark –


– Day 7: Sunday Running Time, Shoes Nike, Pullover Bershka & Sporttop H&M –


– ciao, ciao ! –

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