14022016: autumn-winter 2016 seems far and close…

Buona sera !
Do you know that feeling when you’re pretty sure what you want to do and suddenly you start changing it because someone said something that really convinced you ?
I always wanted to work in the women’s fashion industry and then in last weeks lessons one of my teachers explained me why she works for the men fashion industry, and for me it was more than comprehensible so that I’m thinking about it as well.
As a woman you always automatically judge female outfits and styles by your own personal taste. You can’t ever see a female collection 100% from an objective point of view, as hard as you try. There always stays a spark of identification: Would I like to wear that dress ? Does the model look good ? Do I like the Make-Up ? And so on…
Of course on the both hand it’s necessary to have a strong opinion and express that and it’s fun to see nice collections to identify with but on the other hand it’s so interesting to see men collections, the elegance that can be created without a pink rouge dress and identify trends… That’s what I did last week in a homework, here the result… (whole presentation, picture research, text, collages self-made, just saying :D)
As I have still 2,5 more years of university my decision can change every week but at least I consider not only the women’s fashion industry but also the men’s to work at in the future.
Much loooooove,
Josi ;*
PS: I never made posts about general trends but as I study Fashion now, I’m publishing some of my works here since they are part of my actual life.
PPS: In the nexts posts I will write about my new favorite spring outfit and… surprise surprise I will present a new trend concerning accessory !













24 thoughts on “14022016: autumn-winter 2016 seems far and close…

  1. Ich finde deinen Überblick echt toll. Männer tragen meistens ziemlich das selbe, deswegen find eich es extrem cool, wenn sie sich auch mal etwas anderes wagen 🙂

    Liebe Grüße 🙂

    Mein neues Video ist online, vielleicht hast du ja Lust mal vorbeizuschauen, dass würde mich sehr freuen 🙂


  2. Ohja, Männermode ist wirklich spannend! Ich gehe so gerne für meine männlichen Freunde shoppen und begeistere mich für ihre Outfits 😀
    Die Fotos hätten allerdings größer sein können, damit man erst richtig in den Genuss deiner tollen Collagen kommt!


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