01032016: #focus on ABRent

Hi everybody !
I know you expected another post before but it will be uploaded laaaaaatest friday, so be curious !
This post will be a special one. I’d like to introduce you a new kind of booking a vacation.
For sure you’ve all heard about Air B’n’B and homepages like this but there as well exists a new one.
*drums* ABRent ! :>
I found it and the flats, apartments and accommodations they offer look really nice.
Up to now you can book your place to stay in Spain or France and right now it’s expanding as well to Germany.
I love to book accommodations like this because the journey seems more exciting, like an adventure and more cultural than the situation when you just book a simple hotel.
The platform is for free and you can pay the rent (70%) when you arrive at the hotel (just 30% of the rent have to be pre-paid). You can easily contact the owner before to ask several questions, so that you can totally enjoy the holidays from the first day on…
What do you think about those kind of holidays ? Do you have experience in these personal bookings ? Let me know, don’t hesitate to ask any questions.
Hasta pronto !
Josi :>


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