Hi, I’m Josi, 22 years old, a globetrotter from Germany and studying Fashion Journalism in Hamburg.
Despite of German and English I speak Spanish and Italian, which is still in a learning process. My three big passions in life are fashion, travelling and sport as you may guess while watching my pictures. I can be a very contrastful person regarding style and attitude. I love dressing up just as much as getting on my sport top and starting a workout. I’m the total summer-person that can never get enough sun but will start to freeze at least at 20°C.
In fashion I love to express my style and mood through wearing special clothes, showing my identity and who I am. That’s as well what I like about modeling, having a special attitude according to the outfit I’m wearing.
Traveling is very important for me as I want to explore the world, nice places and new cultures. The knowledge and experience you get by making different journeys can’t be replaced by anything.
I’m a fitness-addicted person and dancer with all my heart and can’t live without doing sports. I’m curious, the worst person in waiting for something and when I want something I will try everything that is possible to reach my goal. I can be very funny and crazy when I want and love to freak out sometimes (in a funny sense).
Then, last but definitely not the least: I love my family, friends and my cat Bella (& the other pets, who are staying with my family in Germany). It was the hardest thing to leave Bella when I left home. A small insight into my life & character..