11062017: #calming down in arenal – mission impossible ?

¡ Buenos días ! “Alone on Mallorca? Seriously ? Why do you do that ?” Better question: why not ? A very different (and very spontaneous) trip. Wie, du fährst alleine nach Mallorca ? Und überhaupt, wie  kann man denn alleine in den Urlaub fliegen ? Gegenfrage: Warum eigentlich nicht ? Ein Spontantrip der anderen … More 11062017: #calming down in arenal – mission impossible ?

10022017: #new doors

Hey everyone ! 🙂 February got me superbusy, so I still didn’t finish the blogpost about Amsterdam. It will be online this weekend for sure ! Tomorrow I will move out, then I have to start searching a flat in Hamburg more intensely. Next week I’m going to spain (will tell you more soon) and … More 10022017: #new doors